Child seduce story with moral

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This story is such that on today’s trend, one thing which explains how many people become hi-tech. Even then, His thinking will remain small, because today’s people just have their money, their home, their families, their lives, their girlfriends, their respect … Is engaged in thinking only. He does not see that only by their own thinking do they harm anyone.

In the house of someone, the fire does not burn even a person, one has to fight for a time to eat. Wear someone to avoid their respect – where do they have to. He does not know their poor thinking is – what is the problem created someone.

Do you know what is a problem, let us go check it……………….

The AUTHOR  says.

I was passing near a house, suddenly I heard a baby crying inside the house. There was so much pain in the child’s voice that why I was not able to stop myself from knowing why the child was crying.

Going inside, I saw a mother beat her 10-year-old son and she used to weep with her child. I went ahead and asked sister why are you beat this little baby? While you yourself are crying with it.

He replied, “Brother Sahib, his father has become dear to God, and due to which the expenses of our home are going very hard.” We are very poor after I leave them, I work in people’s houses, my home, and his studies are very difficult to rise and this goes by giving the school days late to school and every day the house comes late.

Going into the paths going somewhere stop in the game – and does not pay any attention to studies, due to which the school uniforms become dirty every day. I explained the child and his mother the way and walked from there.

The incident happened a few days ago that one day morning I got a vegetable slump with some work. So suddenly my eyes fell on the 10-year-old child who had been beaten by the house every day. What do I see that the child is walking in the market and if the shopkeeper buys a vegetable for his shops and puts it in his sacks then any of the vegetables fell on the ground, then the child would pick it up immediately put it in the bag.

I was surprised to see this sight, after all, what is the affair, I started following the theft of the child. When his bag was filled with vegetables, he sat on the side of the road and started selling high and high prices. Mud dirty uniform on the face and moisture in the eyes, it seemed that such a shopkeeper is looking for the first time in life.

Suddenly a man picked up from his shop, in front of the shop, the child had set up his own shop. When he came, he hit a small shop with a loud kick and screwed it on the road in one stroke and caught hold of the arms and lifted the child too.

The child began to collect his vegetables, again and again, clean his tear it, and after a while, his vegetable It is good, he is gone another place, that this man in front of his shop had put his little shop this time, that person did not say anything to the child.

A little vegetable was lower than the rest of the shops. Soon the sale of all the vegetables and that child took up and entered the shop in a clothing store and by paying the money to the shopkeeper, he picked up his school bag lying in the shop and went back to school without saying anything and I started to follow him.

On the way, there was a WATER PUMP on which the child went to wash his feet and feet and walked to school. I also went behind him. When the child came to school, it was late for one hour, on which his teacher hit the stalks. I quickly went to the teacher and told that the innocent child is not beat. The teacher started saying that it comes from 1 to 1:30 hours late a day, and I punish it every day that at least the fear has come at school and many times I have also given news on his house.

After beating the child, sitting in the class started reading. I took the mobile number of his teacher and walked towards my house. Upon reaching home I realized that the work I went to the vegetable market was forgotten. The innocent child came home and beat the mother again. My head licked my head, thinking about that child all night.

After arriving in the morning, he immediately called the child’s teacher that the market arrived at every time and agreed. The sun came out and it was time for the child to go to school. The child came out of the house to arrange his own small shop directly. I went to her house and told her mother that sister, come with me, I tell you why your son goes to school late.

He immediately started walking with me saying that today this boy will not leave my boy, he will not leave him today, our school reaches late. The boy’s teacher had also come to the market. We took positions in 3 places of the market and started hiding the boy. Even today, the boy had to scold and shout a lot of people and after that, the boy sold his own vegetable and walked on a clothing shop.

Suddenly, when my eyes were lying on his mother, I saw that he was crying constantly with very painful acts, and I immediately looked at his teacher, and his tears were blowing very well. In the crying of both of them, I felt as if they had done a lot of injustice on innocent people and today they are feeling their fault.

Her mother cried and cried home and the teacher went to the school taking the steps. The child gave the money to the shopkeeper and the shopkeeper gave him a lady suit today and said that all the money in the suit today is complete. Take your suit, the child holds that suit and put it in the school bag and goes to school.

Even today, he reached the school 1 hour late, he went straight to the teacher and kept his position at the desk and took control of his position to be beaten and raised his hand so that the teacher could be beaten with a sting. The teacher picked up from the chair and immediately embraced the child and cried so loudly – I could not even control my tears by looking at to them.

I handled myself and went ahead and quieted the teacher and asked the child that the suit in this bag is for who he is. The child responded by crying that my mother rich goes to the wages of people’s homes and her clothes are torn apart. There is no full costing suit and my mother has no money, so she has bought this suit for her mother.

So this suite will go home now and give it to your mother? I asked the child questions The child’s response left me and the teacher of that child’s family down the ground. The survivor did not answer, after unleashing, I will give it to the tailor for stitching. It has not been completed yet. After leaving school every day, after work, a little money has been deposited with a tailor for sewing.

The teacher and I were crying, thinking how long it would have been with the poor in our society, their children would continue to burn to join the happiness of the festival, till then.

Do the poor have no right to them like this in the happiness of the above? Can we not take away some of our wishes on the occasion of our happiness and help poor and destitute people in our society?

Surely once you put your hand on your heart, think definitely ????

If possible, please tell this article to all those capable people so that in our smallest effort, the emotions of compassion towards the poor in any competent heart will wake up and this article becomes the reason for the happiness of any poor.

The moral of the story.

In this story, the child was fighting suit for his mother by fighting the situation. This was his confidence which was giving him the strength to stand in these difficult situations.

If we all keep our faith in any of the circumstances then we can do anything. We can find anything.

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