Real-Life Love Stories In English

A love story

Flowers drown in Shabnam.
Wounds are immersed in the ointment.
When you come to your account,
We drown in your memories.


An 82-year-old wife told her 87-year-old husband…

Do you hear me say one thing to you .. ??

The husband came closer to his wife and said.

Do you remember that before our marriage, you wrote a letter to hide your mother? In which you wrote to your mother expressing your anger that you do not want to marry me because you did not like my face.

Husband asked surprised…

” Where did you get that letter from you, that’s a very old thing “

The wife says with tears in her eyes.”I got this old letter from your box yesterday .. I

I did not know that this marriage was held against your will.

Otherwise, I would refuse myself “

The husband put his head in his wife’s arms and said ……

My sweet mad wife, I was just 14 years old at that time and I thought when you come to marry me, you will sleep with me on my bed and pillow in my room…

You will play with all my toys and steal money from my piggy bank…

But at that time, Where did I know things that you would come into my life and take my life out of a room to a house…

Where did I know that you will give me more beautiful and lovely toys (our children) than clothes toys?

Where did I know that you would give me the priceless wealth of love, compared to the piggy bank of my screaming …

Where did I know that you will give me a world rich from this heaven…

Now ask to speak even more .. ???

The wife said calmly.

Thank God. I was thinking that you loved that neighborhood girl “

The husband laughed and said, “Stay awake, where is she and where is my princess…”

Wife embraces her husband with love

Some last moments of his life were left but both of them carried out that journey together …

The moral of the story.

If you get a true life partner in life, then life is cut with happiness. Just as in this story, both husband and wife meet together for their last breath and love each other

So love friends, be honest and do it well…

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