Women Give Birth And Left Her Child in English Story

Chapter:- 1 

First Look { kids books }

This new generation of today does not desist from its mistakes. They sometimes do such work that they have less pity and hate more. Today I am going to tell you about an incident which is blasphemy.

[Note: – This story is true, this story is based on a real incident. All the things told in this story are true, except the name, address, place, and relative. ]

This story starts in a small village in Bihar. This story is about 6:30 am on the morning of 06-08-19. On this morning, a man named Rakesh went to the farm outside for the toilet. As he goes, he sees that the cry of a child is coming from a field towards Kali Mandir. Rakesh looks at the loan here – but he does not see a crying child anywhere. Then he carefully starts chasing that voice and sees that a born survivor is kept in a pile of ashes and it is covered with grass. Women Give Birth And Left Her Child in Hindi.

Rakesh sees that the child is left with no one but the child. Rakesh left all the work and took the child in a hand and took it to the people who work in the fields and tells them that no one has left this child in the field. A village man standing there saw and said that this is a boy. man who worked there, looking at the child, said that this child is so beautiful, who has left this child unkind and heartless. What kind of mother will she be who has left her one-day-old child?

Another man of the village standing said, “You give me this child, I will raise it and the man opened his lungi ( cloth ) and took the child in it and called his wife who was working nearby and said that Let’s take the child home and we will follow it.

Rakesh gave that child to that man because that man lives near Rakesh’s house and the man has no boy. He thought that maybe it will do it give good care to that child.

Rakesh and the man and his wife brought the child to their home. Rakesh is a good and educated person. He did not leave that man and that child, that the people will take that child from that man. He stood with that child all the time.

He brought the survivors home and by then it had spread the news in the village that a child has been found in a pile of ash in the field, someone is left of him after giving birth. Everyone reached the man’s house to see that child. News spread and people from nearby villages started coming to see that child. A woman from that village cleaned the child and prepared him well with oil-powder.

Likewise, many people even bid to get that child, but the man who took the child to raise upbringing him, he gave a clear mind and said that this child is mine and will not give it to anyone. | On hearing this, Rakesh and the people of that village got together and stood with that man.

Some people suggested that this survivor should get all the medicines needed and his card made, which will be good for this. He went to the chief with the child and got the cards made and went to report it to the police.

But the transport was amazing, when people came to know, the bid also started running and some said that I give 1 lakh, then someone said that I give 5 lakh. But the people of the village did not mind and said that they will not give this child in any condition. a story for kids. Women Give Birth And Left Her Child in Hindi.

But people were obeying. To see the survivor, some lady came and to see the rhythm in her lap and bid it bring me a needle. But some people of the village had gone with that child, one of them was able to Sumi and he took the remaining one from them and said that it is to be fed. You take it later and leave. Sumi had understood that these women are in the process of running away with this child.

Sumi hid her survivors as if she had to run away from the people carrying her. After running for almost 4 hours, the village reached and told everyone what happened at the police station.

In front of that house, people were standing in herds to see that child and some were restless to get him.

On the morning of 07-08-19, the police came and said to give this child but the people of the village protece the police did not allow the child to be taken and said that whatever the reason is, do it from here or else after taking it You will not bring it back.

Those people of the village were fighting together for a child, and among them were the Adami Orat and older children.

The police kept saying but the people of the village did not allow the child to be taken. The police finally gave up. But the story did not end here, Asha came out of the group and started to say that it would have to be taken to the city for treatment, but another one said that you should take this baby, but before that write on a paper that you will give this child After taking it back, it will come back here. If you do not bring it, then you will be tried with the entire village. Hearing this, the hope group’s senses flew away and they refused to give in writing and said, “Give this child, we will not give it in writing.” Women Give Birth And Left Her Child in Hindi.

The woman who had written and asked him to prove it clearly refused and said that then you will not get a child in your hands, whatever you do.

Today date is 9, and even today people are looking for that child. Some people have even given so many people to enter that child. Many government people are involved in it.

With whom this child lives, this time will tell, whatever information will be added to it, it will be added to this post so that you can know.

Chapter:- 2

Second Look { kids books online }

Every mirror is not destined to have a picture

Not everyone has the same fate

Those who are very happy are in their hands

There is no splitting streak after getting

By reading this line above, you would have come to know that if someone does not get children, he will live his whole life in an empty. stories for children.

If you look in all the books of the world, you will not see anywhere and will read that a mother has left her child born in a field. After all, why did it happen that the mother must have been strong or her family must have been forceful?

Is the child who has been abandoned, is he the result of two lovers in the addiction of love? Is love such a child’s childhood? If this is the case, love gives nothing but waste. If it snatches away the shadow of a parent from the head of a child, and if that child is convinced, then such love should not be correct, but the shame of waste and waste should be forbidden.

But what was the fault of this child that it was abandoned after giving birth? This child did not ask that someone give birth to him and leave him to die.

There will come a time when he will cry for this child but he will not get this child. The word mother is precious in the world, but this incident has raised the finger on that Sabbath that mother is like this. Is the mother really more God-like or is there talk to say it all. Women Give Birth And Left Her Child in Hindi.

As far as I believe that the mother is not the form of God. Because Mother is God.

However, it would not be wrong to say that some mother is not god. she is a witch? This word shoots heavily on them. Mayes who think of killing their child and leave them after birth.

Nobody would ever want to give such a mother the status of a mother. Why should they be given the status, they should not be punished other than death. Wherever the mother leaves an innocent child, the mother is a shame. Where is the badge of the word mother? women like these should be kept away from the word mother.


Third Look  { stories for kids }

Q1:-  Can it be found out who the parent of that child really is?

Ans:-  Yes maybe

Q2:-    but how?

Ans:-   Around the place where the child is found, in the radius of 3 km, all the above 15 years and up to 30 years of DNA test can be found.

Q3:-   People will have to test their blood?

Ans:-      A DNA test can also be done with blood and body hair.

Q4:-  What should we do when that child’s parents are found?

Ans:-  They should be handed over to the law.

Moral of the story. { kids story }

The biggest mark of the highs touched,

The mother touched the sky in her lap!

The mother is always up, you must have known this. But in some places it does not happen, it is due to some wrong people. But nowhere else in the world is a beautiful word like a mother. Women Give Birth And Left Her Child in Hindi Story.

In this story, you must have known about the mother who keeps her child away from her. But friends, not every mother is like this because I too have seen the mother’s love, my mother sprinkling life on me. I am also sure that your mother will also be sprinkling life on you.

Friends, what do you think after reading this true story?

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